Laxman Marsonia started Sharon Mushroom Farm in 1985 on a bet by his friends that he couldn’t make a successful business out of mushroom farming. He bought a 92-acre property with a small eight room mushroom farm and started to make his own compost. Wanting to learn best practices in mushroom farming, he travelled around the world learning from other growers and their facilities.

Today, Sharon Mushroom Farm has grown into a large operation with 20 growing rooms. They sell various grades of white mushrooms across Canada and employ approximately 50 staff. Mr. Marsonia also owns the only mushroom farm in Quebec growing white mushrooms and Portobellos. The Montreal farm employs 140 people.

Food Safety and quality control are a big part of its operation. Sharon Mushroom Farm is SQF Certified. Mushrooms are grown on aluminum and galvanized horizontal beds in climate controlled rooms. There are twelve beds per room. The computer monitors the growing rooms 24/7, 365 days a year measuring various control points including air and compost temperatures, C02 levels, humidity, etc. The computer will alert them of any issues and if any control points are not within set limits.

Sharon Mushroom Farm grows 95,000 lbs. of product per week, supplying grocery chains and wholesale markets. Sharon Mushroom Farm is a true family business with Laxman’s son and two son-in-laws having key roles in the company.