Farm to Fork Tour

East Gwillimbury is growing. It’s one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada. EG is an agricultural community of villages connected by forest and farms, making it a seamless blend of heritage and innovation.
There is an abundance of local farms in East Gwillimbury that love it when the public comes to visit, learn, and shop locally for the freshest food possible. From ethically-raised livestock, free-run eggs, organic fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers grown without pesticides, freshly baked goods, and so much more – there is something for everyone!

These family-owned farms are open year-round to the public and offer the freshest, highest quality products. They aren’t just open during the summer months. Take your family for a day trip. Visit the East Gwillimbury Farm Trail each year and take part in the #EGFarmtoFork movement!
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